Go to www.matchsignup.org to sign up for early discounted match fee of $125

3 responses to “300 plus round count. 1 Day Format. 10 Stages”

  1. Omar Ramirez says:

    I was interested in shooting match on Friday but had no way to sign up. How could I go about signing up. I can be reached at 512-773-0438 if more convenient. Thanks for your help.


    • jp@jpgarcia.us says:

      Hi Omar – Sorry for the very delayed response – for some reason, I didn’t see your comment.

      Have you already contacted Raul Sotelo? Of not, please find his contact info at the bottom of this page. As far as I know, we only have Friday spots available, and they may already be taken.

  2. Chuck Hutchison says:

    It was a GREAT weekend. I got to help out with the Boy Scouts of America. I know they all had a great time and couldn’t stop talking about it when we go back to the scout cabin Saturday night. Thanks for the adventure !!!

    Chuck Hutchison

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